Providing 'Coffee Shop' Quality Coffee

quality-coffeeWe will provide your corporate workspace with ‘coffee shop quality’ coffee and other beverages.

By ensuring that your beverage services are well managed, your staff and visitors will be invigorated and refreshed every day.

Operating from the Bristol area, we are well placed to provide a unique national service.

Please browse our website for more information about our machines and services, or contact us direct with your enquiry.

We invite you to view the website of our British equipment manufacturer where you can view the Bean to Cup, and other machines that we utilise.

“I would like to confirm the coffee machine in the reception area has been a huge success.
I have received a host of comments on the machine and the quality of the drinks from the machine.
The service I have received from your team has been absolutely fantastic and any request has been dealt with very quickly.”


Touch Free Distance Selection

Looking to the future and with innovation in our DNA - we have just launched Distance Selection Technology Now available on fourteen models in the Coffetek hot beverage range, allowing the consumer to select a product without physically touching the machine. First developed and patented in 2002, this proven technology with anti-ghosting selection, has proven a great success, combine this with contactless payment and we can provide a completely contactless experience.

That’s great for new models, but what about models currently in use?

With the help of Coffetek and our expert engineers, we can retrofit the new touch free technology on to your existing machines.
Changing the way we interact with the devices around us, such as touch free coffee machines, has become an indispensable step to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19, which will be reflected in improved health for users.